Muhammad Hussein Mahrasawi word

Praise be to Allah, Who preferred humankind over many of the creation with definite preference and made human tongues means to reveal the secrets of hearts. We limitlessly thank Him for His overwhelming Graces. Peace and blessing be upon Prophet Muhammad, the most truthful of humankind. Peace and blessing be upon him eternally!

It is pleasure to me, on my behalf and on behalf of my colleagues in Al-Azhar University, to welcome you in our university whose history exceeds one thousand year. Over this long history, it proved a minaret for sciences and arts, and a trustworthy guard of right Islamic thought that protects hearts and minds of Muslims around the world from misinterpretations, exaggeration, extremism, and fanaticism.

We welcome you in Al-Azhar University in which many sultans, rulers, presidents, Al-Azhar Sheiks, muftis, ministers, ambassadors, scientists, and scholars studied. Al-Azhar University hosts the greatest number of international students from (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Australia) where they study Islamic, human, and empirical sciences.

Al-Azhar University is one of the most important knowledge fortresses in Egypt and the world. It bears the responsibility of protecting the Islamic and Arabic identity, spreading Islamic enlightenment, editing heritage, and publishing outstanding works on sciences and arts. It promotes the values of citizenship, love, peace, pluralism, and accepting the other. Al-Azhar colleges exist in most of Egyptian governorates and teach Islamic, theoretical, and practical sciences as well as unique academic areas of specializations. It is pleasure to Al Azhar University to welcome students, learners, researchers, and professors from all continents with solemn promises to provide the best education service and care to students and researchers. Al-Azhar University welcomes any contribution or suggestion for better educational system. It calls social and academic actors, inside and outside the country, to participate in this great foundation and exchange ideas, opinions, and theses.

Keeping the image of these historic glories in mind, the university is resolved to envisage the far future's challenges to face them and get ready for any additional responsibilities, be they local or international in determination to combat the dubious thoughts. The University aims to develop its learning system and quality to the excellent level through creative solutions based on education as the base for the safe future. Such creative solutions shall rest on modern education, deep understanding, analyzes, prospecting, creativity, solving problems, and critic thinking. As such, they can conduce to a qualitative shift in the University's outputs, which will provide students with ability to renew and create ideas, refute baseless arguments, correct false ideas and conceptions, and promote tolerance and peace around the world.

Al-Azhar University as well as its scholars and graduates worldwide undertake their role to maintain intellectual balance, protect minds from cultural extremism, build civilizational bridges, and promote international peace among nations through openness and serious culture that guarantee human dignity and protect human freedom everywhere. In this regard, I sincerely thank the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar for his great support of Al-Azhar University to enhance its role and complete its civilizational and human participation in the promotion of sciences, arts, tolerance, and peace worldwide.

May Allah  grant us all Success!


Muhammad Hussein Mahrasawi

Acting President of Al-Azhar University


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