1- Excuse System for University Students

First, The registered student: The student whose circumstances prevents him from attending school must apply for an excuse in the first month of the academic year to pause her/his registration. This excuse must be renewed every year, if necessary, by submitting new documents till these circumstances are over. This procedure is in accordance with Article 209 of the Executive Regulations under Law No. 103 of 1961 as amended by Presidential Decree No. 250 of 1975.

Second, Article 220 stipulates that if a student does not attend the exams for a forcing reason, accepted by the Faculty Council, her/his absence shall not be considered a failure, provided it does not exceed two consecutive times. The third chance can be permitted with the approval of the University Council. This means that the student has the right to an excuse for three years during the period of study in the University, taking into account that the excuse for the first and second semesters is considered one and both of them must be submitted separately.


2- Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for the academic year 2017/2018


3- The educational services provided to students by the Educational Affairs for theoretical or applied studies

Its meaning:

It is the student ID card that proves the student's identity during the academic year on campus and s/he shall be dealt with accordingly.

Conditions for obtaining college ID card:

The student's registration procedures in the faculty must be completed, his military status must be specified, and his medical examinations done, etc.

Procedures for obtaining college ID card:

1. The student must meet the officer of Student Affairs to finalize enrolment.

2. The student gets the relevant form to pay tuition.

3. The student goes to the cashier office to pay the tuition fees stated by the University Council resolutions.

4. The officer checks the tuition fees receipt and obtains the student's personal photo.

5. The officer checks the card, stamps the photo on it and hands it over to the student. This process is done daily during the official working hours.


4- Procedures for Card Replacement Issuance

1. The student has to notify a report of loss to a police station.

2. The student applies for a replacement to the Faculty Dean.

3. After the Faculty Dean’s approval, the student goes to the officer to get the fees payment form.

4. The student goes to the cashier and pays the required fees, announced by the Faculty in accordance with the University Council resolutions.

5. The student goes to the officer in charge of his Faculty to claim a replacement card after checking the fees receipt.

6. The student receives the replacement card.


5- Social Solidarity System in the Faculties

The student submits a social research issued from the Social Affairs (belonging to her/his place of residence) to the Faculty.

The applicant submits a signed and stamped proof of family income.

If the student's guardian is an employee, the student shall submit a signed and sealed statement of her/his guardian’s monthly salary.

If the student's guardian is retired, the student shall submit a signed and sealed pension statement.

If the student's guardian is a farmer, the student shall submit a letter from its Agricultural Society according to her/his place of residence when the guardian has an agricultural land, along with an estimation of the guardian’s income.

If the student's guardian works in any free business, the student shall submit an income proof from the Social Affairs related to her/his place of residence.

The student submits a proof of enrollment from the Faculty assuring that s/he is registered in that Faculty.

The student submits a photo of the personal ID and the guardian’s ID cards.

The social worker makes a social research to make sure that the student’s data is correct, and then s/he estimates the student’s need for help.

These documents have to be authorized from the Faculty’s Students Affairs and the Director of the Faculty, with the republic seal stamped on it. After completing the period of receiving reports, a committee is formed to choose the cases that deserve help.

Sponsorship is provided by the Social Solidarity Fund. The student shall get the amount allocated after having a cash form certified from the Accounting Unit at the University to be cashed from the Faculty’s cashier office.


6- The students' chances not to be dismissed from University if s/he has failed

Colleges with a Preparatory Year

The year


Preparatory year

Two years.


Two years from inside applying for a chance of approval by the Faculty Council from outside


Two years from inside and three years from outside applying for a chance of approval by the Faculty Council every time separately


Two years from inside and three years from outside applying for a chance of approval by the Faculty Council every time separately

Fourth or Final

Two chances from inside and three chances from outside, and then the number of failed subjects are checked. If it is less than half of the total number of subjects, the student continues to study. This number does not include the subjects failed in from previous years


7- Colleges without a Preparatory Year

Preparatory year

One chance


Two years


Two years, plus one year from outside


Two years, plus three years from outside


Two years, plus three years from outside


Withdrawal Form of a student who is registered but exceeds the permitted years of failure at the Faculty

Requirements needed for Withdrawal Form of a registered student

Approval of the Faculty Dean of the student's application

It is required that the student's guardian shows up personally

In case the guardian cannot personally show up, it is required that the student submits a documented attorney from the Notary Authority


Procedures needed for a Withdrawal Form of a registered student

Applying for a Withdrawal Form to the Faculty Dean, explaining the reasons for withdrawing the student’s documents.

The officer has to take a written vow on the student and her/his guardian of not being an eligible student for the faculty anymore. It is required that the student sign in front of the officer.

The application is applied to the Faculty Dean, and after approval, the officer gives the student a file of her/his documents and a Certificate of Dismissal from the Faculty.

The student then pays the stated fees in the Faculty in accordance with the University Council resolutions.


The document withdrawal of students who have exceeded the permitted years of failure at the Faculty shall follow the same previous procedures except that it does not require the presence of the guardian, and the student does not pay any charges.


8- Inventions and Scientific Research Competition

The Youth Secretariat of the National Party organizes a competition of inventions and scientific research among faculty students during the month of December 2009.

 To view the terms of the competition and prizes, please contact the Department of Scientific and Technological Activities at the new Central Laboratory Building next to the Faculty of Science for Men, on the third floor.




9- Sick Leaves

Applicable Procedures

The student applies to the Faculty Dean, enclosing a sickness certificate, showing the period and date of sickness and including a full exam schedule. This certificate must be approved by the student’s physician or a governmental hospital or University Hospital.

Obtaining the approval from the Faculty Dean to be sent to the Medical Committee whether at Al-Hussein University Hospital for male students or Alzahra University Hospital for female students.

Sending students to a competent medical committee must be done by an official letter referred to the mentioned hospital.

Preparing a note containing the sickness case for the Faculty Council after approval by a competent medical committee that accepts the student's excuse.

Reviewing the matter by the Faculty Council.

 Informing the student on her/his address whether the sickness excuse has been accepted.


10- Obtaining Notifications and Proof of Enrollment:

The notification is a certificate given by the Faculty to the student confirming that this student is registered at the Faculty.


Conditions for Obtaining It

To be a student at the Faculty in the present academic year.

The student specifies where to submit this notification.

 Approval of the Faculty Dean.


Student Disciplinary Offences and Penalties:

Every breach of the university laws or regulations is considered a disciplinary offence, particularly:in the following cases:

Acts against the system of Faculty and University facilities.

Abetting disruption or failure to mastermind the attendance, lectures and other academic work attendance regulations.

Every act contrary to good manners or good behavior.

Every system breach or cheat attempt or committing.

Every mass organization within the University or sharing it without permission from the competent authorities.

Picketing inside University buildings or participating in demonstrations against the public order and morals.

Every student who commits cheating in an exam or attempts to cheat and adjusts in flagrante delicto, the Faculty Dean or his representative for the Exam Committee shall deprive the student from continuing examination in other subjects, and consider the student as failed in all exam subjects and the refers her/him to the Disciplinary Council.


11- Disciplinary Sanctions Resulting from Student’s Disobedience

Oral or written notification

Denial of some student services

Denial of student’s attending one of the courses' lessons for a period not exceeding two months

Termination from the Faculty for a period not exceeding one month

Denial of the student’s taking exam in one course or more.

Eliminating student’s exam for one course or more

Termination from the Faculty for no longer than a semester

Final termination from the University and the termination resolution is then informed to the University faculties and to other universities, a case which entails a disqualification of the student from being enrolled or to attend exams in the Arabic Republic of Egypt.


12- Conditions for Excellence Reward

A cash reward of EGP 120 per year is awarded for each student who ranks one of the top ten in Al-Azhar Secondary School Certificate Examination of all scientific and literary sections.

A reward of EGP 84 is granted for new Egyptian students who achieve at least 80 percent at Secondary School.

Continuing the payment of the reward referred to in the preceding paragraphs is only to the student who maintains the same category if s/he achieves a general grade of "very good" in the exams.

The reward is limited to the academic year following the year in which the student obtains the above-mentioned grades and is renewed whenever its conditions apply, according to the previous details.


13- Applicable Procedures for Re-correction and Grading

The student wishing to complain has to submit an application addressed to the Faculty Dean to approve the correction following the announcement of the result.

After the approval of the Faculty Dean, the application is passed on to the respective Examination Board to handle the student's complaint.

In the event that the student is eligible to correct due grades, the officer shall notify the Education Administration by preparing a memo to correct the result of the student in action.

The Officer shall notify the student of what has happened.


Applicable Procedures for Retrieving a Reward that is Periodically Moved to the Secretariat

The student goes to the officer to submit an application addressed to the Faculty Dean to retrieve a reward that is periodically moved.

The cash delegate signs on the application of the rewarded amount.

The relevant officer shall edit the form (50 P.A.).

The form is sent to the Accounting Department, where the officer issues a check in the student's name.

The student goes to the Accounting Department to receive the check and cash the reward.


Procedures for Re-registration in Another Faculty

An application is submitted to the Faculty Dean to withdraw the student’s documents.

The student herself/himself withdraws the documents with an ID card.

The student then applies the withdrawn documents to the respective Coordination Office for the students who exceeded have the times of failure.

The student buys an envelope from the Coordination Office, according to the specified price.

The student goes to the Student Affairs of the Faculty which s/he has left to complete information related to the Education Affairs Division, signed and sealed by the Faculty.

The student applies the envelope to the Coordination Office. This will be during the opening hours of the Coordination Office for new students, according to the dates announced in official journals or in the Faculty.


14- Applying for a Temporary Certificate

Service Requirements

 Success in the final year

Application by the student /herself/himself to receive the certificate or by her/his official representative.


Procedures for Obtaining a Temporary Certificate

The student makes an application to the respective Faculty Dean to approve the collection of the documents and extraction a Temporary Certificate, specifying the student number for the Temporary Certificates s/he wishes to extract.

Upon approval by the faculty Dean, the student goes to the respective officer.

The officer checks the student's personality and the approval of the Faculty Dean.

The student goes to the Faculty cashier office to pay the stated fees.

After paying the fees with a payment document, the student attaches it to the application handed to the officer.

After paying the tuitions, completing a disclaimer to the Faculty, and getting photos and stamps, the officer extracts the Temporary Certificates in the case when the original certificate has not yet been made available. If the original certificate is available, the graduate extracts the certificate from the Education Administration at the University Headquarter.


Stated Fees

Fees as stated by the Faculty and the University Councils.


Specific Timing:

The student gets a Temporary Certificate after two days of application.

Original Certificate Application:

To get the original certificate, it is required that the student submit the following documents:

The original ID card.

A receipt of certificate fees.

Delivering the certificate is possible only to the degree holder.

Delivering the certificate to any own other than the degree holder is allowed only with a delegation of attorney from the Registrar.


Eligibility for the Service:

Success in the final year.

The student shall personally attend to the service or her/his official representative.


Applying Procedures for a Statement on School Years

The student makes an application to the Faculty Dean to obtain a degree.

Upon approval, the student goes to the respective officer.

The officer checks the student's personality and her/his success in the final year, and the approval of Faculty Dean.

The officer then issues a payment form to the student.

The student takes the payment form to the cashier office to pay the fees.

The student then attaches the payment form to the application and takes it to the officer.

The student submits a statement of receiving her/his scores to the officer.


Stated Fees

The fees as stated by the Faculty and the University Councils.


Specific Timing for Completion:

The day following the application date


15- Applying Procedures for Student's Data Correction in the University

The student applies to the Faculty Dean explaining the statement to be corrected to be referred to the Legal Affairs.

The student submits the document(s) to correct to be sent to the University's Legal Affairs.

The application shall be at the beginning of the academic year, so they can inform the relevant authorities.


Stated fees

The fees as stated by the Faculty and the University Councils.


Specific Timing for Completion

On the same day of the application

Application for personal ID card extraction and the railway subscription form

Terms of Service:

The student has to fulfil the entry procedures.

Applying Procedures:

The student submits the prescribed form and refers it to the officer.

The officer checks the data in the form to be authorized.

After submitting the form, the student refers it to the Faculty Dean to have it signed and sealed.


16- Special Rules for the Depleted and Re-enrolled Students in the Faculties

First: Depleted and re-enrolled students in other faculties as well as students that are moved or reset to restudy shall have to undergo the following:

When moving between modern-study faculties:

If you move from a modern-study faculty to another one, all Islamic subjects are not retaken except the Holy Qur’an and the foreign language. The student shall have to commit herself/himself to pass the failed subjects in accordance with regulations.

When moving between modern-study faculties and Islamic-study faculties:

If the student moves from a modern-study faculty to an Islamic-study faculty, s/he is exempted from retaking the foreign language. S/he is, however, not exempted from retaking Islamic subjects, including the Qur'an which had previously been studied and successfully passed, because the content will generally not be the same in the two cases.

If the student moves from an Islamic-study faculty to a modern-study faculty (theoretical/applied studies), s/he is exempted from all the Islamic subjects except the Qur’an and the foreign language that have been studied and successfully passed because the studied content should be the same in this case.

When moving among Islamic-study faculties and from one faculty or department to another whether in the same faculty or in another Islamic-study faculty, the student is not exempted from any subject with a scientific content. S/He is, however, exempted from retaking any subject that matches the same content as a previously-studied one except the Qur’an from which no one is at all exempted.

 Second: Graduate students and students enrolled in other faculties or different departments in one and the same faculty in the University shall undergo the following:

The graduate students who have attended other faculties whether of modern-study or Islamic-study in the University or in a different department in the same faculty are not exempted from the already studied and successfully passed subjects including Islamic subjects, the Qur'an and the foreign language. It is required, in this case, that the student signs a written vow to this regarded before s/he starts.

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