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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The word of the dean

Faculty Dean Message "Prof. Amany El-Sharif Prof. of microbiology & immunology "

  • Monday, January 27, 2020
Faculty Dean Message   "Prof. Amany El-Sharif Prof. of microbiology & immunology   "

Faculty Dean Message  

Prof. Amany El-Sharif

Prof. of microbiology & immunology  

     Welcome to Faculty of Pharmacy, one of the leading educational institution for Pharmacy Education for girls in the middle east. Faculty of Pharmacy for girls (FPG) is established on high professional, academic and societal competences and their attit1994 in Al-Azhar University, the oldest established running university on the globe (972). It’s noteworthy that that Al-Azhar University achieved a high rank in QS world subject ranking in pharmaceutical sciences (201 worldwide). FPG community includes students, Academic Staff, admins & society success partners. Our Philosophy is to engage our students in society development and community services through different activities as part of their preparation during their University study Journey. Our community members collaborate and cooperate to shape the uniqueness of our female graduates. This is demonstrated in their excellence as health care providers qualified to fit perfectly the multidisciplinary fields of pharmacy practice. By applying the new program Pharm D and performing field training increase the competitiveness of our graduates. Studying up-to-date pharmaceutical sciences with their drug and patient oriented perspectives together with studying moderate Islam give our graduates their uniqueness. Consequently, our graduates are characterized by their attitude. Finally, by attitude not only aptitude determine your altitude.

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