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Medical Education Unit

Medical Education Unit

MEU Orientation Day

  • Thursday, October 24, 2019
MEU Orientation Day

on Monday, 14/10/2019, the Opening of the activities of the Medical Education Unit MEU at Faculty of Medicine for girls, Al-Azhar University was held in the presence of  Prof. Dr. Yousef Amer Al Azhar University Vice President for education and student affairs, Professor Dr. Naira Moftah the dean and professor Dr. Wafaa Helmi  Vice Dean for Education and Students affairs, Professor Dr.Samar Abel Azim Professor of forensic medicine and clinical toxicology, faculty of medicine, Ain-Shams University and the director of ASU MENA FRI, Professor Dr. Hala Elkolaly the director of MEU, professor Dr. Zeinab Nabil the director of Integrated Medical Program and the MEU council members. 41 staff members attended the event, where Prof. Dr. Yousef Amer acknowledged the continuous efforts of the faculty in medical education, also,  Professor Dr. Hala Elkolaly presented MEU`s committees, activities and mission, then Professor Dr.Samar Abel Azim discussed Ain-Shams faculty of medicine experience in medical education unit and department. Later on, committees coordinators presented the roles of each committee, professor Dr. Afaf Koraa (committee of assessment),  Professor Dr. Eglal Hussein  (committee of skill lab), Professor Dr. Magda Hassaballah (committee of programs and courses developments), Professor Dr. Mariam Abu Shadi (committee of training) and Dr. Islam Mostafa (committee of e learning). An interactive discussion was held about differentiating between roles of quality assurance unit and MEU.

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