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Student General Guidelines

  • Fulfill all the required information inside the admission envelope, acuratly and in good clear handwriting.
  • The envelope contains a collection of stamps with the names of faculties of Al-Azhar University and their departments that you can legally apply.
  • Separate all these stamps individually then stick these stamps on the squares on the card according to your desires, which should meet the requirements of admission to take your chance to choose the targeted faculty.
  • Your desires must be perfectly graded in order to win all the available opportunities whereas student admission depends on the desires order of his options and it would be considerable.
  • Any admission applications sent by mail to the Admission Office, or for making any modifications of desires will be inconsiderable.
  • In the case of student request to withdraw his documents (file), it would be delivered to the student himself personally or by virtue of an official certified and signed authorization.
  • Keep the receipt issued by the Admission Office to be able to check on the office whenever you need.
  • Preserve your documents envelope whereas it would be your file at the faculty which you would be enrolled.
  • Admission office for international students welcomes your questionnaire and would like to offer you any more information, assistance and guidance.

It is located on the 3rd floor, the Administrative Building, the General Department of Educational Affairs, Nasr City, Cairo.

  • The Admissions results of international students will be announced at the Administrative Building, the General Department of Educational Affairs
  • Education at faculties of Al-Azhar University is not mixed, there are special faculties for boys (full time only) and there are other faculties for girls (full time only) , they are separated. There’s no co-education at Al-Azhar University.
  • System of study at the faculties of Al-Azhar University is the system of the two semesters during the academic year with exception of Faculties of Medicine and Faculties of Dentistry whereas the system of the full year is applied.


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