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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Distance Learning Program

Phases of Application to the Program

  • Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Phases of Application to the Program

First: Electronic Registration; a student fills a form of application and submits it to the website and then a new page appears to confirm the authenticity of his/her information.     

Second: E-mail verification process; after submitting your application, an immediate notification will be sent to your email with your own username and password  

Third: Uploading Documents; a student who did not send his/her educational documents upon filling the application form, should send them to the following email:

Fourth: Application Review; your application will be reviewed within two weeks after which a detailed list of necessary requirements for registration process will be sent to your emails.    

Fifth: Application Admission Follow-up; during the period of accreditation, you may follow up you application through the internet using your username and password.  

Sixth: Sending of documents and payment of tuitions; documents required should be sent by Express Mail Service (EMS).

Seventh: Curricula Registration; to actually become involved, a student should have his/her educational curricula registered by request of registration of the subjects to be studied in the first semester of his/her course of education in the university.   

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