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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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Prime Minister renews confidence in Ahmed Abbas, Secretary General of Al-Azhar University

  • Thursday, March 15, 2018
Prime Minister renews confidence in Ahmed Abbas, Secretary General of Al-Azhar University

Prime Minister Sherif Ismail renewed confidence in the accountant Ahmed Abbas Farghali, secretary general of the university, for one year.

    All the units of the Administrative University in Cairo and the tribal regions in Assiut, and Bahri Batna have undergone an unprecedented administrative coup following the assumption of the post of the Secretary General of the University since Abbas took his position as he strives to promote and improve the level of services provided by the university. Establishing a database for faculty members, employees and students, as well as a database for international students at the university, and linking all sectors of the university electronically in line with the global development. Developed through which all communication and declaration of final results between the student and his college through the Internet.

    The Secretary General of Al-Azhar University was born on December 13, 1962 in Assiut Governorate. He received a Bachelor of Commerce in the Accounting Department. He joined the University of Assiut. He joined the service sites where he worked as a Financial Researcher. He then worked as an auditor in Asyut branch. He then moved to the practical colleges. General for Education and Student Affairs and Assistant Secretary-General of the Assuit University Branch and then Secretary-General of the University in 2016



University Vision

Al-Azhar University is looking forward to being the leading university worldwide for presenting the correct Islamic thought based on moderation. It aims to achieve excellence and eligibility in education and scientific research. It prepares cadres on local, regional, and international levels in a climate rich with independence, freedom, democracy, and equality for the welfare of the entire community and achieving the sustainable development.

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