Al-Azhar Dental Scientific Day

Al-Azhar Dental Scientific Day

Abstract Submission Guideline



Abstract Submission till   
  15  2019 january
Email dent.b.vdeanpg@azhar.edu.eg


Presentation Types

  1. 1.Free Lectures (Oral Presentation)
    : Any topics related to the Dentistry. 
    20 minutes (15 minutes’ presentation and 5 minutes Q&A)
  2. 2.Research Presentations (Oral or Poster)
    : A report of a scientific or clinical investigation. 
    Oral Presentation: 15 minutes (13 minutes presentation and 2 minutes Q&A)
    Poster Presentation: 10 minutes (5 minutes presentation and 5 minutes Q&A)
    At least one of the presenters should be available during the entire poster session.
  3. 3.Clinical Case Presentations (Poster Presentation)
    : It should be a demonstration of one or more endodontic cases that are of interest to clinicians due to their complexity of treatment, application of advanced therapeutic techniques or diagnoses. Cases of didactic value or those describing clinical hints or time-saving procedures may also be presented. 
    10 minutes. (7 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for Q&A)


Submission Guidelines

  1. 1.Authors can submit abstracts for oral presentations and posters. However, the final presentation type of the accepted abstract is under the discretion of congress scientific committee.
  2. 2.Authors may present one project in one of the following presentation categories: oral, poster or table clinics. Authors may submit multiple abstracts, but present only 1 abstract
  3. 3.All abstracts must be submitted and presented in English only.
  4. 4.Abstract shall not be longer than 300 words.
  5. 5.Abstract title must be less than 120 letters including spaces.
  6. 6.Abstract shall include specific sections (see below abstract sections)
    Clinical Case Presentations Free Lectures 
    Research Presentations 
    Table Clinics
    -Case Presentation
    -Materials and Methods 
  7. 7.Name, last name, department, affiliation, city, and country of authors shall be stated clearly.
  8. 8.Abstract body shall not include any indication of the personal details of authors.
  9. 9.Abstract body shall not include any tables, charts or graphics.
  10. 10.Abstracts of the unfinished researches will not be evaluated.


  • Best Oral Research Presentation Award
  • Best Research Poster Award
  • Best Clinical Case Presentation Award

Winners of each category will receive a special certificate and will be awarded during the closing ceremony. If you want your abstract to be considered for awards nomination, please check the appropriate checkbox when you submit your abstract. Abstracts that are not checked for awards nomination will not be considered for awards selection.

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